Pilar West

Qualifying Broker

NMREC License #17046

A life-long resident of Santa Fe, Pilar West is a member of the Independent Brokers Network and active in other community organizations. Perhaps, in addition to coming from a creative, large and extended family, Pilar's genuine interest in helping people makes it easy for her to meet and make connections with and between people. Indeed, her vast network of friends and associates have contributed to the growing success of Luna Luz Properties, along with the commitment to clear communication, accurate record-keeping, personalized service and prompt attention to details.

For six years prior to creating Luna Luz in 1999, Pilar worked as an estate manager for exclusive properties in the Santa Fe area. This entailed using her innate organizational skills and interior design sense, vast resources of quality, local trades people and world-wise business savvy to help people move in to homes, remodel, decorate, organize their personal and financial matters and otherwise turn their house into a place they love to call home.

Pilar attended World College West, which included a year in Nepal, during which she studied the language, history, ethnology and traditional Buddhist arts. After completing her B.A. in cultural anthropology and fine art at Evergreen College in Olympia, WA, Pilar returned to the community, family and landscape she loves.

Jason W. Bass

Associate Broker

NMREC License #42329

Jason is a native New Mexican who was born in Las Cruces and raised in Albuquerque. He has discovered a love of Santa Fe due to its wide variety of people and opportunity. He has established himself as an effective rental property broker and clients have come to rely on his ability to follow through and produce results.

He is working both in property management as well as property sales. His attention to detail and willingness to help people makes him the perfect compliment to the Luna Luz Real Estate team.